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No Vote Fraud? 160,000 Obama 2008 ‘Voters’ In Milwaukee Do Not Exist

Copyright © 2016 Martha Trowbridge. All Rights Reserved. Last night’s Iowa Voting Circus reminded me how unaware America is of the grave Election Theft besieging our nation. Here is but one example: in 2012, 160,000 ‘Obama 2008’ voters in Milwaukee could not be located. Why? They do not exist. Fake Voters – they who exist ‘in the system’ only – …

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Old Models Of Voter Fraud Detection Ignore The Main Crime Scene

Given the sophistication of techniques utilized by evil-doers to effect Election Theft, traditional methods of struggle against voter fraud overlook the main crime scene: the voting machine.

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The Math Is Simple: 3% Fraud Means OBAMA LOST

We The People need only evidence that 3% of the votes reported in the 2012 Presidential Election are fraudulent, to prove that aka Obama lost the election.

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