Audit The Vote is an initiative designed to effectively redress America’s massive Election Fraud. This initiative, accompanied by honest, thorough Forensic Investigation of Digital Voting Machines employed in the past several elections, will produce overwhelming documentary evidence that We The People have been suffering blatant theft of our Elections.

In this age of complex political criminal behavior, simple solutions do exist to identify, arrest, indict and prosecute those who have criminally inflicted their will upon the American voter.

Preventive methods, also, can and must be implemented. Do not succumb to the wicked saw that “Election Fraud has been around since time began.”  Today’s election criminality – and its far-reaching consequences – extends almost behind comprehension. With American resolve, quick-wittedness, and vigilance, our sacred country can be restored to its rightful position as one of Integrity.

Join us in the demand to Audit The Vote. The wickedness we uncover will horrify you.