Given the sophistication of techniques utilized by evil-doers to effect Election Theft, traditional methods of struggle against voter fraud overlook the main crime scene: the voting machine.

Not only does vote theft occur largely ‘invisibly’; with digital recording and reporting, evil-doers have the ability to also fraudulently report party turnout. 

Without the power of digital fraud, Election Theft would be far more difficult to accomplish. With digital fraud, it’s quite simple. Code is carefully calculated to produce whatever election results the evil-doers intend.

Studying the reported 2012 Election Results, Obama’s words took on a whole new metaphor: “SPREAD THE THEFT AROUND”.

A Forensic Investigation of the voting machines, accompanied by a certified CPA Audit of voters / votes cast, will definitively prove that the reported 2012 Election Results are fraudulent through and through. They do not reflect what actually happened.

We must fight back with tools that detect and expose the major felony election crimes everywhere they occurred: not just in the registrations, or the votes cast, but in the caverns of the voting machines.